Chancery silk forms new set at 13 Old Sq

Leading chancery silk John McDonnell QC is launching a new set of chambers.

The former 9 Stone Buildings silk has taken space at 13 Old Square and plans to build a 30-tenant set. Three as yet unnamed barristers have already signed up.

McDonnell was inspired to take the step by two of his former clerks – Justin Brown, who will be the new set’s senior clerk, and Warren Lee, who will be its administrator. They will be paid in the traditional manner, taking a percentage of chambers income, with Brown on 5 per cent and Lee on 1 per cent.

The set will be refurbished during the next three years by Lincoln’s Inn to include a gym and an ultra-modern IT network.

McDonnell hopes that 10 tenants will join on 1 October followed by a further five on 1 January, the remainder spread out over several six-month intervals.

McDonnell’s impressive client list has seen him act on numerous leading chancery cases, including the high-profile action over ownership of the Patak Spice food empire, the Lord Lucan trial, and on several leading actions in Hong Kong. McDonnell is also a part-time High Court judge.

McDonnell said: “I want 13 Old Square to provide the ideal environment for a barrister in today’s world.” Until recently the building was occupied by KSB Law.