Special report: Insolvency

Special report: InsolvencyFor insolvency lawyers the New Year parties are well and truly over as they delve head-first into what could be the busiest 12 months of their careers.

In fact, 2009 could be remembered as the year of the insolvency as the number of businesses taken into administration, receivership, liquidation or any of the other more complex routes for busted companies increases (as predicted by all but the most optimistic financial commentators) throughout 2009.

A good time, then, for new regulations to come into force. The first insolvency special report looks at the New Code of Ethics for Insolvency Practitioners (IPs), which from January 2009 aims to tighten up best practice for IPs.

The second report looks at how exclusivity in the supply chain from deals forged in the boom time are coming back to haunt suppliers as the recession bites the hand that feeds them, potentially leading to a ‘domino effect’, with insolvencies occurring up and down the supply chain.

The third report highlights the important role of lawyers in advising buyers of lease portfolios, while the fourth report reveals how suppliers who face the threat of their major clients becoming insolvent can protect themselves.

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