Pro bono guide will lead the way

I was delighted to see Rufus D'Cruz and Tom Coghlin's article (The Lawyer, 17 November) further promoting the case for pro bono involvement. They rightly point out (as this group has always done) that pro bono is nothing new and that lawyers up and down the country provide such help day in and day out.

But they also make a key point in that pro bono is now an issue for the whole profession and that there are opportunities for lawyers at all levels to help in a wide number of areas. One difficulty has been finding out where such help can be effectively used.

The Solicitors' Pro Bono Group (SPBG) will, in the coming months, publish what will be the first guide to pro bono opportunities in England and Wales.

The guide, based on similar publications in other countries, will be available free to members of the group (on whom we rely for funding).

Although a first and therefore working document, our hope is that the guide will prove an invaluable tool and mark a turning point in actively and practically encouraging lawyers to give some of their time to make a real difference, and at the same time derive real benefit.

Peta Sweet, director, Solicitors Pro Bono Group