The 10-year-old Pannone Law Group (PLG) has added an Italian and Dutch firm to its line-up and is looking to Scandinavia for more members.

The addition of Rome's Studio Legale Biamonti and Rotterdam's Schaap & Partners to PLG – a European economic interest group (EEIG) – was announced at its tenth anniversary celebrations in Annecy, France, last week. Soren Tattam, head of corporate at UK founder firm Pannone & Partners and a board member of PLG, said both were typical mid-sized firms and that they added to the group's ability to provide a European-wide service to clients.

Tattam added: “We would certainly like to fill the obvious gaps that are there (in the group). These are in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Austria.”

He said the group continued to enhance the profits of its member firms and was especially helpful as US corporations moved to acquire and invest in European businesses.

PLG now has 1,000 staff spread across 12 countries. An EEIG is an EU-sanctioned grouping which stops short of full partnership.