Pinsents boosts morale but lacks communication skills

Twenty per cent of Pinsent Masons‘ staff have said their practice groups’ business plans are not clear to them, while a quarter said they did not understand how they were rewarded in relation to their peer groups, according to an internal survey reviewing employee satisfaction.

The firm has implemented a number of HR schemes and employed a new HR director following an embarrassing response the last time staff were surveyed in May 2006.

“We need to improve the communication of our strategy clearly to people internally and make sure appraisals happen uniformly across the firm,” said HR director Jonathan Bond.

More than 670 of the firm’s employees completed the online survey, which assessed areas such as morale, communication, firm leadership and career satisfaction.

Bond said: “We’ve moved forward from where we were last year. It’s a step in the right direction.”

The biggest improvements were seen in morale. Almost 90 per cent of respondents said they were proud to work at the firm, compared with around two-thirds last year.

Three-quarters of respondents said they were excited about their futures at the firm, an improvement of 16 per cent on the previous survey.

However, the survey also revealed that the board still has work to do when communicating its plans to staff.

Pinsents’ central management will use the results of the survey to shape the internal processes of the firm.

The survey says: “The board has reviewed the survey results and will use the main themes to inform our approach in the year ahead in areas such as internal communication, strategy, training and firmwide processes.”