Herbert Smith’s reluctant media star

It’s not the usual publicity that banking lawyers are after, but Herbert Smith partner Ewen Fergusson makes a splash in not one but two papers today.

If you check any spare copies of the Independent or the Evening Standard, you’ll find a double-page spread devoted to the 1980s incarnation of the Bullingdon, the notorious Oxford University dining club.

And staring moodily into the middle distance, just above Boris Johnson and two down from David Cameron, is Ewen Fergusson (Rugby and Oriel).

This isn’t quite the sort of coverage that Herbies’ ambitious finance department is after. And Fergusson himself – who has helped bring in deals for Hypo Real Estate and most impressively, the £3.55bn debt mandate advising Goldman Sachs, RBS and UBS on PSA International’s P&O bid – is currently far too busy to reinvent himself as a well-heeled media star.

But it’s worth grabbing a copy just to check out the hairstyles, which are a cross between Brideshead and Bon Jovi. Just a tad disturbing.