Answering cack

“Good morning Berwin Leighton Paisner,” (BLP) is the sound that has greeted thousands of eager – and probably anxious – clients over the past year, the soothing yet professional clear tones of a warm and welcoming switchboard operator at one of London’s preeminent law firms.

Last week the often unsung efforts of BLP’s front line troops were rightfully recognised. Yes, the firm was named (jointly with GlaxoSmith-Kline) the Genesis Communications Switchboard of the Year 2006. For the second year running.

Tulkinghorn salutes the men and women of the earpiece and fondly recalls one of his recent experiences with one of their number. It does, he is sure you’ll agree, highlight the professionalism for which the firm has so correctly been noted:”You’re ringing Neville Eisenberg?””Yes. I dialled his number.”

“He’s not there.”

“Obviously, otherwise he’d have answered the phone.”

There. That’s what it takes to win an award. Other operators out there, your card has been marked.