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The accountant and Al Capone

The story of how forensic accounting brought down one of America’s most famous Gangsters Al Capone famously said that “you can get more with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone”. But when it came to catching him, all it took was diligent and skilled forensic accounting, explains Tristan Yelland.

Investigations: new forensic accounting podcast

This Investigations podcast series looks at the complex role of the forensic accounting investigator. Grant Thornton speaks to prominent investigators who have grappled with a variety of situations to understand the key lessons they’ve learned, what propelled them to be where they are today and the advice they’d pass on to their younger selves.

Duty to report under Article 74 FinIA – planning tool for FINMA or (maybe) more?

FinIA has consolidated the authorisation regime for all financial institutions (except for banks which remain to be regulated under the Banking Act) and has extended this regime to independent asset managers and trustees. Even though the new law provides for a smooth transitional period enabling financial institutions to cope with the new regulation, asset managers and trustees now falling under the new regime are or have been required to file a report with the Swiss regulator FINMA. This article outlines the duty to report and its consequences.

Reducing UK emissions: 2020 progress report to Parliament

The Committee on Climate Change’s 2020 report to Parliament calls on the government to redouble its efforts and expands on its May 2020 advice to the Prime Minister in which it set out the principles for building a resilient recovery. The report highlights five clear investment priorities.



Living Culture: A Values-Driven Approach to Revitalising Your Company Culture by Jan Thornbury, published by Random House (ISBN 0-7126-6959-0) A self-help guide for corporations, this book advises how to identify your firm’s culture and “revitalise it” to maximise success. Jan Thornbury is a business consultant who assisted KPMG in their “culture change” process. Stephen Butler, […]

Deans Court clerk moves to Leeds set

A senior clerk at Deans Court in Manchester has left her post after 13 years to join Park Court Chambers in Leeds. Terry Creathorn is moving from the Manchester mixed civil, criminal and family set to replace the senior clerk at Park Court Chambers in Leeds, where Roy Kemp has announced that he is retiring […]

Two to watch

With 38 cinemas throughout the UK, United Cinemas International (UCI) is a dream property client, and DLA is the main firm that has benefited from the company’s expansionist strategy. UCI, a joint venture between Paramount and Universal, took space in Manchester’s recently redeveloped Printworks building, the former Daily Mirror site, on which DLA, led by […]

Editorial Help

How do I create a new editorial? How to update an existing editorial? Can I use HTML tags? How do I format text within an editoral? How do I create a new editorial? How to update an existing editorial? Can I use HTML tags? How do I format text within an editoral? How do I […]

The cheeky little devils

Isn’t it charming how certain firms have such a collegiate atmosphere that they cannot bear to be apart from each other for even one weekend? Take Norton Rose. Two partners were invited to The Lawyer Monte Carlo as speakers. But as Norton Rose were not sending any delegates to the networking event of the year, […]

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