Marketing madness

Tulkinghorn is pleased to see that some lawyers haven't succumbed to any of these new-fangled viral marketing techniques.

One lawyer, who shall remain nameless, wins the prize for the most imaginative pitch for work at The Lawyer Monte Carlo. He was heard telling the head of legal at Bradford & Bingley: "You've got to give us all your work because I've got an account with you." Like Mr Bradford & Bingley hasn't heard that one before.

Realising the lack of response from the said head of legal, the partner gamely redeemed the situation by asking what he was meant to do if he wanted to sell his new shares because he'd lost his form. Now there are a couple of options here. Either the head of legal at Bradford & Bingley will take pity and give the ever-so-eager chap some work. Or he'll be sent for a brief spell in Bedlam. It's a case of wait and see.