Although McDermotts acted as lead corporate adviser to CSC, Baker & McKenzie (B&M) also picked up a chunk of antitrust work. The deal involved many competition assessments, clearances in Germany, Ireland and Austria and a host of firms, but B&M played a pivotal role by coordinating the merger's antitrust activities through its competition unit and lead partner Samantha Mobley. It also used its overseas offices to provide advice on individual jurisdictions. But even B&M could not provide on-the-ground advice for all jurisdictions, so other firms were involved: William Fry in Ireland, Wulf Gordian Hauser in Austria and Webber Wentzel Bowens in South Africa. McDermotts undertook the US antitrust work. Here is an example of the way business is moving – as deals get bigger and consolidated markets suffer regulation, firms with the right products are able to cash in more than ever.