LONDON firm David Wineman has issued a writ on behalf of five members of the hit seventies band Showaddywaddy, which continues as a successful touring group.

The writ claims the three defendants are passing themselves off as Showaddywaddy. The trio, original band members who split away from the other five between 1984 and 1995, have already undertaken not to perform as or to describe themselves using the word Showaddywaddy until a court hearing expected at the end of the month.

The writ, issued on 23 January, on behalf of lead singer David Bartram, rhythm guitarist Trevor Oakes, drummer Romeo Challenger, bass guitarist and singer Geoffrey Betts and bassist Roderick Deas, seeks an injunction to stop the defendants using the names Showaddywaddy II, Showaddywaddy 2 or Buddy Gask & Duke Allured's Showaddywaddy.

The plaintiffs' solicitor, partner Dipak Savjani, said an interlocutory injunction has been applied for.

The defendants also want an account of the profits and an enquiry as to the level of damages.