Would you repeat that please?

“There’s a saying here in Germany that it’s better to have a little bird in the hand than a big bird on the roof.” Says Christian Harmsen co-head of IP at (Little) Bird & (Big) Bird, where talk is obviously cheep. (Feature, 17 January)

“Real estate’s never going to be ­successful because the corporate partners don’t give a damn if there’s a property department or not.”

A former SJ Berwin partner explains the firm’s practice area hierarchy. Needless to say, real estate doesn’t come high in the pecking order. (City column,

24 January)

Bruce Dear, <a class=Eversheds” src=”Pictures/web/a/u/k/Bruce_Dear_150.jpg” />

Bruce Dear, Eversheds

”If you’re not in Caffé Roma with your clients at 2am then someone else is”

Says Eversheds real estate head Bruce Dear. But then, whatever gets you out of trouble with the other half, eh? (News, 14 March)

“I swallowed an enormous amount of tear gas and passed out for a ­couple of minutes.”

DLA Matouk Bassiouny partner Omar Bassiouny tells of his ­experiences at his latest partner retreat. (International News, 7 March)

 “There isn’t a trainee or junior ­associate in the country who’s going to be sad that we’re outsourcing ­document review.”

Says Freshfields head of ­international commercial disputes Geoff Nicholas. There might be a few former associates who aren’t too happy though. (News, 21 March)

 “Every regulator gets thousands of pieces of paper coming in every year.”

Says SRA chief executive Anthony Townsend. Most of it’s hate mail though. (News, 11 April)

 “I’m sure it’s a good opportunity to meet them alive for a chat.”

An invitation from a Ukrainian firm to meet key partners at a CIS forum struck hacks at Tulkinghorn Towers as more than a little ­sinister. (Tulkinghorn, 11 April)

 “I think that lawyers have two legs.”

We all know the proliferation of PRs has had a restraining effect on what lawyers feel they can reveal to the press, but Kallopé partner Tanguy d’Everlange seems to be taking things a bit far. (Firm Profile, 25 April)

 “We wanted to see whether, in a country like Italy, where there was nothinginstitutional, it was ­possible to start a firm and create an ­institutional firm.”

Nothing institutional in Italy? Come on, Gianni Origoni Grippo & Partners founding partner Francesco Gianni, what about ­corruption? (Feature, 18 July)

 “We’re focused on being a law firm.”

Says Jonathan Rigby, managing partner at Mourant Ozannes. It’s a good thing too: an office full of lawyers isn’t much use as anything else. (Feature, 25 July)

“As an employment lawyer I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with old acquaintances in a professional ­context – it’s just a pity they had to get sacked before tracking

me down.”

Well, desperate times and all that eh, Gareth Brahams, head of the employment at Stewarts Law? (Opinion, 1 August)

 “Over the next six to 12 months the changes in cookies will be big for us.”

Badoo general counsel Michelle Kennedy has only been in the job seven months, but she has her ­priorities sorted: get the meeting room biscuits right and the rest just falls into place. (In-house Interview, 12 September)

“The road to Asia-Pacific doesn’t run through London, and it doesn’t run through Pittsburg, it doesn’t run through Michigan, it runs through Asia.”

Says Corrs CEO John Denton. I think we all learnt something there. (Special Report, 19 September)

“Prior to the merger we had 35 lawyers in New York, which frankly was a pimple on the bum of the US legal market.”

Relates Hogan Lovells head of ­litigation, arbitration and ­employment Patrick Sherrington, who’s ­spotted a crack in his firm’s ­strategy. (Feature, 5 December)