Artistically challenged

It seems that Duane Morris’s London office might have to consider giving staff art appreciation classes as a Christmas bonus.

Apparently unaware of the artistic merits of an artwork consisting of a worn and grimy piece of Navajo Indian fabric, the firm’s cleaners decided to take their role of sanitising the office a step further. Partners were surprised to find the artistically frayed edges had been removed and the piece generally tidied up overnight.

Meanwhile, mystery still surrounds the identity of the staff member who vandalised chairman Sheldon Bonovitz’s prided artwork in his personal boardroom.

Apparently, someone loathed the piece – which consists of ‘found’ objects, including a Barbie doll – so much that they put their hand through the middle of it a few years back.

Bonovitz is said to be still so enraged by the destruction that he is threatening to have a Cinderella-style trial, with staff putting their hands against the artwork until he finds the one that fits.