IBM launches voice recognition package

The burgeoning voice recognition market for lawyers has received another boost with the news that giant supplier IBM is launching a UK legal vocabulary.

The IBM VoiceType dictation legal vocabulary will provide over 30,000 words tailored specifically for legal use.

The package is a re-launching exercise – the product was previously called the IBM Personal Dictation System.

UK lawyers are now faced with a wide choice of good quality dictation systems, including Dragon Dictate and the newly-imported Canadian Kolvox package.

Kolvox is making a play for the UK legal market with a series of presentations to lawyers and the legal press.

IBM will also be launching a Windows version of its product and an adaptor to enable the system to be used on portable and laptop computers, as well as a PCMCIA card, which is to be available later this month.

IBM UK software director Dave Pullin says the new alterations are significant. "Our customers in the legal profession now have access to a ready-made legal vocabulary minimising the time they need to spend training their speech recognition system," he says.