Pilates error

Tulkinghorn was shocked to read in the gossip columns this week that the lovely German supermodel Claudia Schiffer was turned away from a pilates class. It seems that being a supermodel these days doesn't have quite the same clout that it used to.
But Tulkinghorn, who would hate to see Ms Schiffer disappointed, would like to offer a suggestion by way of this column (as sadly he hasn't had the opportunity to do it in person). He suggests she seek the advice of Legal & General's in-house counsel Geoffrey Timms. But it's not legal advice she'll receive, because apparently it's not just legal instructions that the gregarious Mr Timms has been giving. Outside work hours he can be found instructing pilates at the local health club.
Tulkinghorn, who has been feeling the need to get in shape (if just to keep up with the sprightly Janet Gaymer), is thinking of trying a class himself. He hopes to see Ms Schiffer there.