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Startup Series – II – Building Your Company

I. INTRODUCTION TO BUILDING COMPANY FOR STARTUPS In the first article of our startup series, we have mentioned crowdfunding, which is a contemporary and interesting topic, and dwelled on the conditions of using crowdfunding as an alternative financing source in your company. For the second article of our series, we want to turn our course back a little bit, to the period when your ideas and your startup are slowly maturing. One of the most important questions in mind during the initial period when there is no legal entity yet when there is just you and perhaps your partner, your opinion and effort are undoubtedly “Will we establish a company?”

Why now is the time for a first-class outsourced switchboard

Where others see obstacles, let us see opportunities. Now we are starting to move back into our offices, we’re all looking for ways to make improvements and savings. Especially with additional measures in place to receive staff and visitors. Here is how outsourcing your switchboard can greatly improve your front of house team. And ultimately, your firm’s operations.

Employers should prepare for long-term changes to the world of work

There are of course many negatives arising from the crisis presented by COVID-19. However, there could be real benefits for businesses and their staff if we take some of the opportunities that have been presented and do not just look to revert to the old ways of doing things.


Client chequebook scheme for firms

The Royal Bank of Scotland has launched a banking service which it hopes will transform the way lawyers deal with private client finance. In an attempt to steal a march on the competition, the bank is targeting top law firms with a computerised system, Roybank, that allows lawyers to create and manage bank accounts for […]

Curtains for combative divorcees

Lord Woolf has criticised lawyers from both sides of a divorce proceedings for becoming so combative that the husband’s side tried to get the wife committed to prison for not giving back his curtains. The Court of Appeal heard how the former husband’s solicitor, Portsmouth sole-practitioner Gregory Challenor, had alleged a court order for the […]

£90,000 solicitor bill not paid

Helen Sage reports South Herefordshire District Council is embroiled in a row with the district auditor’s office over an unpaid solicitor’s bill of about £90,000. The sum, which is owed by the council to sole practitioner David Barry, includes solicitor fees, counsel fees and agent fees for representing members of a Ross-on-Wye Sports Centre Association […]

Fixed costs:Woolf's Achilles heel?

For a time it was heretical to pick flaws in the Woolf Report. Lawyers felt duty-bound to welcome it, lest they were seen to be in any way hesitant about reform. Theoretically, it is a fine report. However, as was earlier pointed out, the actual implementation of the reforms is where the problems lie. Research […]

Hospital PFI deals hit by cash shortages at trusts

The Government’s Private Finance Initiative has received yet another blow with an official admission that many of the planned schemes for building NHS hospitals with private money will not work. Many PFI lawyers blame the Government for rushing the initiative. The problem, said Andrew Neill, head of the NHS private finance unit, was that many […]

Recruit legal talent

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