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How UK employers can deal with special circumstances of Covid-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). As the virus continues to spread extensively, it poses significant challenge to businesses and raises various points of employment law for employers.

COVID-19 and investment protection

As the world grapples with COVID-19, we are seeing some of the most unprecedented State measures of our time. Measures causing severe financial damage to many businesses and industries. Where does that leave foreign investors? Will they be able to claim compensation?

Cayman Islands Employment Update

The first ever electronic meeting of the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly on 23 April 2020 considered a number of pieces of legislation, largely in response to the COVID-19 emergency, that are likely to be of interest to local employers and employees. This note is intended to provide a brief overview of the key changes: some […]

Corona Crisis: Amendment of the obligation to file for insolvency in CEE

With the fourth law on COVID-19, the Austrian legislator has suspended the obligation of an overindebted debtor to file for insolvency until 30 June 2020, irrespective of the cause of the over-indebtedness. Some other countries in the CEE region have also adopted measures to combat the consequences of COVID-19 as detailed in the following overview…


Fixed costs:Woolf's Achilles heel?

For a time it was heretical to pick flaws in the Woolf Report. Lawyers felt duty-bound to welcome it, lest they were seen to be in any way hesitant about reform. Theoretically, it is a fine report. However, as was earlier pointed out, the actual implementation of the reforms is where the problems lie. Research […]

Crown Prosecution Service. All tail and no teeth

Many people say the CPS has failed. The CPS idea has not failed – it has never been given the chance to work. When the 1981 Royal Commission on Criminal Justice recommended that there should be an independent prosecuting service, what was proposed was fundamentally different to the CPS created. It said that within each […]

First lady lauded at dinner

Much-criticised US first lady Hillary Clinton received a rapturous welcome from the ABA at its Florida convention. Speaking at the Fellows of the Young Lawyers dinner, where she was awarded for her work on children’s rights, she made a strong plea for the retention of government funding for the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), the country’s […]

Law Soc's computer system runs five times over budget

THE LAW Society’s new computer system will cost five times more than was originally anticipated, a confidential consultants’ report reveals. The implementation of the Regis system has been characterised by “time pressures” and “errors,” says the report which estimates it will have cost £10m by the time it is fully installed, compared to the original […]

In brief: Small claims gets the thumbs-up

The majority of litigants who use the county court small claims procedure are satisfied with the way their cases are dealt with, according to a report, Small Claims Procedures in County courts in England and Wales, funded by the Economic & Social Research Council, the Lord Chancellor’s Department and the Office of Fair Trading. The […]

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