Eversheds entangled in PI row

A CONTROVERSIAL network of personal injury firms has reacted furiously to a claim by national law firm Eversheds that a campaign to target potential workplace asthma claimants was “blatant ambulance chasing and utterly irresponsible”.

The Allied Lawyers Response Team (Alert) has accused Eversheds, which made the claims in a press release to the insurance media, of publishing “self-serving nonsense that has no basis in fact”.

In the release, issued last week, Eversheds said the campaign had “no merit in law, and even less for the legal profession” and it urged the Law Society to end “snout in the trough” marketing by solicitors.

But Alert accused the firm, which has many insurance company clients, of initiating “a well-orchestrated campaign to alienate public opinion away from a valuable initiative that happens to be contrary to the interests only of their clients”.

Eversheds said it stood by its claims and was not in the business of knocking other solicitors for the sake of it.

Alison Crawley, Law Society head of professional ethics, said: “We realise this issue has caused debate within the profession and we are keeping our eye on it.”