Bogan didn't stop Mears

It has been suggested by some solicitors that the intervention of Mr Anthony Bogan in the presidential elections affected Mr Mears' prospects of victory.

The voting figures were:

Anthony Bogan: 1,288

Martin Mears: 14,239

Mears/Bogan total: 15,527

Anthony Girling: 15,911

Difference: 384

Messrs Mears and Girling do not support Mr Bogan on the important matter of separating the roles and functions of the Law Society, which has been a principal policy of the British Legal Association for over 30 years.

And the postal ballot will now provide the profession with an opportunity of saying to the Law Society that it cannot be both a regulator and representative body.

I note that Mr Girling went off to the US to attend the American Bar Association's Annual Meeting at the beginning of August.

As I pointed out at the Annual General Meeting, the American Bar Association is a successful body because it only represents its members and has nothing to do with regulating the profession. This should be an education for Mr Girling.

Alex Alagappa

Chairman, BLA.