CMS Swiss firm wins M&A ace

CMS Cameron McKenna’s Swiss alliance CMS von Erlach Klainguti Stettler Wille has taken on a new corporate partner.

Patrick Sommer, who specialises in corporate, M&A and competition law, joins from the Zurich office of Pestalozzi Gmuer & Patry.

Mergers and alliances between local law firms and international networks in Switzerland are far less developed than in the rest of Europe, but Sommer says that it is very important for a successful local law firm to have an international link.

He has moved to CMS von Erlach Klainguti Stettler Wille because it has a broad European alliance with firms in the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Austria.

“The increasing Swiss cross-boarder transactions means companies require firms with established links to international networks – this has been born out of Sommer’s decision to join CMS,” says the firm’s managing partner Dietrich Stettler.

Sommer is the fourth partner in the corporate team, bringing with him a specialist knowledge of anti-trust and competition law and an in-depth knowledge of stock-quoted companies in Switzerland.