Law firm cover-up

One Sunday recently a relative of Tulkinghorn was out clothes shopping with his daughter. The young female was foraging for her first-ever pair of Doctor Marten boots, a rite of passage that eventually led the gallant duo to North London. More specifically, the crusty market in Camden.

There, amid the dreadlocks, Rizlas and bongs, our hero spotted a stall boasting exactly the right kind of air-soled footwear required by the offspring. The street merchant’s wares were watched over by an impressive specimen of the gothic (Tulkinghorn believes this is the correct terminology) variety – a throwback to an earlier, happier and more carefree time.

Suitably, the stall was topped – nay protected – by a splendid and equally retro brolly emblazoned with a legend from those well-known, and still remembered, subversives Jones Day Gouldens. A reminiscing tear was wiped as the 16-holers were purchased.