Swan song?

Tulkinghorn doesn't mind admitting that he has become quite a fan of Popstars – the Rivals, and it seems he is not alone in the legal world. The spirit of Popstars infiltrated Slaug-hter and May's recent dinner dance over at the Grosvenor House Hotel.

Slaughters tradition sees lawyers and support staff take it in turn each year to take to the floor and respond to the senior partner's speech. So this year, after Tim Clark did his bit for the boys' team, it was the turn of Anna Jacobs of the practice support group. And yes, Anna really did sing to stay in the band. In a bizarre moment more reminiscent of The Office than Popstars, Anna topped her lengthy speech with her very own song about Slaughters, accompanied by a guitarist.

Tulkinghorn would rather sing to Pete Waterman in front of millions of TV viewers than strut his stuff in front of a bunch of Slaughters partners, but each to their own. Reports vary as to what the song was about, although one line about the firm's lifestyle committee was more memorable than most. Something about hours being cut…