Setterwalls hires top partners for launch

Swedish firm Setterwalls has hired three partners to launch an insolvency and restructuring practice as part of its strategy to go full-service

Odd Swarting from Swedish firm Lindahl is joining Setterwalls with former Lindahl partner Marie Holmberg Lüning, who had her own practice, and Rolf Åbjörnsson, who joins from Hellström & Partners and who was the former managing partner at Lindahl.

Setterwalls managing partner Richard Åkerman said: “Our clients at banks and financial institutions have put pressure on us to have this practice, because they're often the biggest creditors of insolvent companies.”

Swarting and Åbjörnsson are consistently rated among the top insolvency lawyers in Sweden. They will join in January 2002 when Setterwalls, currently the sixth-largest firm in Sweden, will become the country's fourth-largest firm.