Birmingham bars the booty

Tulkinghorn is concerned that the legal community is getting rather obsessed with lap dancers. Not only has Tulkinghorn been inundated with calls from bored M&A lawyers explaining the finest nuances of the name Spearmint Rhino, it now transpires that Hammond Suddards Edge is part of a global conspiracy by the aforementioned 'gentleman's club' to conquer the world.
Spearmint Rhino has apparently enlisted the services of Hammonds to help it open a new table-dancing club in every major town and city in the UK. But the striptease crusaders have already run into trouble. Despite assurances from Hammonds that the girls are properly supervised and protected, Birmingham City council has not been swayed.
So it seems that Birmingham's eminent lawyers will have to take a trip down to the Tottenham Court Road branch for the foreseeable future. Tulkinghorn, who is still suffering from cuts and bruises from Mrs Tulkinghorn after his last expedition to the gentleman's club, will not be seeing them there.