Lord Chancellor stresses importance of client care within the legal profession

The Lord Chancellor has called on solicitors to improve client care, saying he shared concerns that clients are not being particularly well treated.

In an address to the London Young Solicitors Group last week, the Lord Chancellor, Lord Mackay, said he received many letters of complaints from dissatisfied legal clients. “My impression is that there are many clients who aren't particularly well-handled.

“There is a tendency sometimes to regard complaints and even clients as a necessary but irritating interruption to work.”

Lord Mackay urged lawyers to be adaptable and to retain personal and professional integrity when dealing with clients.

In a wide-ranging lecture on the future of the profession, the Lord Chancellor steered clear of guessing what the future might hold, preferring to concentrate on the present.

But he did make one prediction – that, if his unique status as both head of the judiciary and member of the Cabinet was abolished, “we would lose something we would never be able to recreate”.

“It is an extremely valuable link and one which has to be cherished,” he added.

The remarks follow calls from Lord Steyn last week to remove the Lord Chancellor as head of the judiciary because the position was too politically biased.