Girling returns Mears to Law Soc fold

President of the Law Society Tony Girling has brought his maverick predecessor Martin Mears back into the fold by appointing him to head a client care initiative.

Mears, who claims he was turfed off three sub-committees, has been given the task of cutting the 20,000 annual complaints to the Office of the Supervision for Solicitors by improving attitudes to clients.

Both men have discussed their uneasy past relationship and Mears says, while there was no statement of repentance from Girling, actions spoke louder than words.

However, Girling said there was there nothing to repent as he did not fall out with Mears. But he has made it clear future divisions in the Law Society should be purely over issues.

“I don't believe in what was beginning to develop last year: 'If you're not for me you're against me.' Things were polarising around individual camps,” said Girling.

Mears will produce information aimed at medium-sized firms and sole practitioners which will advise them on dealing with client problems.