Tour de force

Anyone who knows K&L Gates partner Warren Phelops will testify that the corporate lawyer has long been known as one of the fittest of his ilk in the City. Many are the miles that Phelops has clocked up on his trusty ergo.

Shockingly though, Phelops has revealed to one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes that five years ago he was almost paralysed from the neck down. Possibly as a result of years of playing rugby, football and most other sports under the sun, Phelops discovered that his top two vertebrae were slowly fusing.

“I was saved by the incredible skill of a fantastic neurosurgeon, Peter Hamlyn,” says Phelops.

And so this year, on 1 July, Phelops will take part in the second stage of the Tour de France (for amateurs). This 125-mile jaunt will be some challenge for the lawyer, who is still undergoing regular physiotherapy on what US legend Lance Armstrong might call his “journey back to life”.

You might want to turn out and wish him luck on the day. More importantly, you might also want to chip in a few quid for one of Phelops’ three chosen charities: -Children in Crisis, Teenage Cancer Trust and Spinal Research (contact the -charities for details).