Lovells outdoes Becks’ appeal

The Lawyer’s thanks go out once again to Lovells for its annual press bash, thrown last Wednesday (6 June).

All the usual crew were in attendance, with David Harris bigging up the firm’s new Dubai hires, including Islamic finance head Rahail Ali. But Tulkinghorn was interested to learn that the backbone of the new office is about as Middle Eastern as fish and chips.

“Our clients are sometimes surprised to find that we are, in fact, all Brummies,” said Ali, in his best West Midlands drawl.

Unfortunately, this year Lovells had the bad luck to have its party conflict with one of the most eagerly anticipated sporting events of the year: the night the England football team took on the might of Estonia.

Consequently, despite all the hard work undertaken by Lovells staffers to turn Holborn Viaduct into a simulacrum of Dubai, complete with multicoloured billowing silks, the firm risked losing 90 per cent of its attendees at around 7.30pm, when the game kicked off.

So congratulations to all those who managed to steer away from the TV in the corner, and the joy of watching a resurgent Becks, in favour of drinking more of Lovells’ champagne. Actually, in what is possibly more a damning indictment of the England team as well, of course, a validation of the attractions of Lovells party, that was pretty much everyone.