Kallipetis launches Independent Mediators

Former Littleton Chambers head Michel Kallipetis QC and chief executive David Douglas have reunited to launch a mediation outfit known as Independent Mediators.

The duo has teamed up with mediators Bill Marsh, a former director at the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, and Nicholas Pryor, a former head of legal in the insurance market, to launch the new service.

Douglas commented: “It’s not a barristers’ chambers because clearly we’re not all barristers. We’re trying to offer something that’s reasonably unique in Europe.”

Independent Mediators has not been set up as another mediation provider or as a mediator panel, but operates like a barristers’ chambers. The mediators are self-employed, independent and share a central service to administer all their mediations.

Dispute resolution legend Kallipetis left Littleton at the end of September 2006 to start up as an independent mediation adviser. He was head of chambers at Littleton for seven years before stepping down from the position last summer. He spent 20 years at Littleton in total, seven as head of chambers and 13 as deputy head.

In May 2006 Littleton members voted in Andrew Clarke QC and Clive Freedman QC as its new joint heads of chambers.