From Tiger Tim to Tree-hugger Tony

The day after Tim Henman crashed out in the first round at Queen’s, his family firm was busy having a clear out of its own.

Perhaps daddy Anthony Henman was trying to bury the bad news of his son’s sad exit when he sent out the press release proclaiming the firm’s fantastic green efforts.

Henmans has pulped more than eight tonnes of client files and turned them into household tissues as part of a recycling drive. See story.

The firm claims to have saved 125 trees, but it will take more than that to save one tennis career.

The firm shifted 1,700kg of paper from its basement each hour, saving the expense of building a gym in the office to keep its young lawyers fit.

Who knows, maybe Tiger Tim is drying his eyes on what used to be a commercial contract drafted by his uncle.

Ah, the circle of life.