Boxing catch

It’s the usual story: you launch a chambers, you want to tell people about it, you have a great marketing idea: and in the case of Surrey-based Casalier Chambers, which specialises in sports and equine law, the idea was a horsebox. A luxury horsebox, in fact, presumably complete with luxury straw.

The plan was that the barristers would cough up for the horsebox and use it to trot around major equestrian events such as Gatcombe Park, Royal Windsor and Blenheim Palace.

The box would have space for meetings with potential clients (who didn’t mind the smell of horse with their negotiations) and provide catering for events and receptions. And they wanted it to be big enough to carry three of the four-legged beasts.

It turns out, according to a High Court writ issued by Casalier’s top stallion, managing director Timothy Frith, the box was a complete ‘mare. The rogue vehicle could apparently barely hold a horse’s leg without toppling over. Little wonder that the lawyers bridled up and galloped down to court seeking damages.

At press time the case looked to be heading for mediation, but it looks like an open and shut case (or box, anyway). Tulkinghorn doubts it’ll go on furlong.