Withers sees BBC in court for libel case

Withers is taking the BBC to court on behalf of Elite Model Management in an attempt to clear its name after its damning in the television programme MacIntyre Undercover: Fashion.

`Unusually, the libel litigation will be heard without a jury after a successful application by the claimants relating to the strong nature of the evidence and glamorous perception of the industry.`A spokesman for Elite said the case may test standards of investigative journalism.`He added: “Elite is very confident about winning this case.”`He said the case would explore issues such as the nature of editing material and the use of ‘agent provocateur’ journalism.`The BBC said the trial would turn purely on whether the programme’s contents were true.`The case is being dealt with in-house.`Withers partner Roberto Moruzzi, who is leading the team for Elite, declined to comment.