Rowe & Maw scores brand-building goal

Firm moves into new league with 6 minute ad during England clash

Rowe & Maw scored an advertising first for law firms last week when its name flashed up on perimeter screens during England’s World Cup qualifying match against Greece.`David Peters, broadcast planning director at media buyer Carat, said six-minute ads shown on electronic perimeter screens during the game were sold for £30,000.`Rowe & Maw’s head of marketing Chris Pullen confirmed that the figure was ‘about’ the price the firm paid to have its ad flashed up intermittently for six minutes in total. It featured the slogan, Rowe & Maw – lawyers for business.`Between 10 and 12 million people watched England’s 2-0 victory, which was screened around the world by BBC1, in effect making the banner the first television advert for a City firm.`To make sure its key clients did not miss the ad, Rowe & Maw invited them to a party at Planet Hollywood to watch the match.`Pullen said the decision to advertise for the first time at a high-profile football game was part of a brand-building exercise.`He said: “The response from clients and people generally from around the legal world has been amazing. I think most of our partners had calls from clients the day after the match.”`The advertising was also aimed at potential lateral hires at other firms and potential trainees.`”Given the right circumstances we would do it again. The fact that it was BBC1 and an important World Cup qualifier was crucial. If it had been Sky, which has a more limited audience, or an ordinary game, we might not have done it.”`Rowe & Maw will also advertise on hoardings at the Oval test match this summer. In the past it has advertised in the Financial Times, The Times and the Evening Standard.