Gone fishing

Readers of this esteemed organ may recall SJ Berwin litigators Tim Taylor and Louis Flannery having to endure unspeakable poverty in the Ciragan Palace Hotel (The Lawyer, 16 October 2000). The pair, who were working on a $100m (£69m) dispute at the time, were forced to stay in the $2,500 (£1,728) a night presidential suite – retaining their sanity only through a bedtime read of The Lawyer. Well, they've been off on their travels again, this time to Limassol in Cyprus to attend a hectic schedule of meetings concerning a $200m fishing dispute. According to Flannery, the pair quickly realised that travel between meetings was most efficiently achieved by the use of jet skis, and while Flannery was reduced to the status of chauffeur, Taylor took time out to catch up on the latest legal gossip in The Lawyer. Tulkinghorn is, of course, impressed and gratified that The Lawyer is such an essential part of the duo's travelling kit but is Taylor really going to be turning up to his next meeting in that catching pair of speedos?