Life is Tweet for Ashurst social media junkies

Ashurst has bowed to pressure from the Twitterati in its ranks and lifted a ban on staff using social media websites during work hours.

Previously staff firmwide were blocked from sites including Facebook, ­Twitter, Hotmail and Gmail.

But these are now all accessible from office ­workstations. YouTube remains blocked to staff, but Ashurst still uses it for ­sending videos to clients.

The firm insisted that work computers were still primarily for business use and that networking sites could be used for communicating with clients.

“Our business is built on relationships and there’s no doubt that social media is a helpful tool for relationship building,” a spokesperson for the firm said. “We want to do all we can to help ­people organise their work and personal lives, which social media allows.”

Rival firm Stephenson Harwood, meanwhile, is considering tightening its restrictions on such sites.

Chief executive Sharon White said: “We don’t have restrictions on access to social networking sites – we rely on people being ­sensible. However, it’s something we have under review. We may have some more specific policies about access in the future.”