Reversing the trend of European lawyers looking towards the glitz of New York, Manhattan solo attorney Livius Ilasz has revealed that he is ready to give it all up in favour of running Poland.

Warsaw-born Ilasz has announced that he is prepared to forgo his diverse practice – which includes such highbrow issues as bail forfeiture, divorce and breast implants gone awry – for the greater good of becoming president of Poland.

Ilasz, who holds dual US and Polish citizenship, describes himself as a “pro-Bush Republican”. However, his platform of a “New Vision for Poland” has a distinctly more depression-era Democratic Party feel. Just like in his legal practice, Ilasz wants to help the everyday person, and the first thing on his political agenda is to launch a massive public works programme to modernise Poland’s roadways and give jobs to the poor. Such big ambitions for someone so young.

If Ilasz wins the election in October, he will become Poland’s youngest president at just 43 years of age. But it appears that he should not be too quick to give up his day job, as he is currently only polling support from around 1 per cent of the Polish public.