Pen pinchers

Whenever Tulkinghorn visits a firm he feeds his stationery fetish by helping himself to branded pens, pencils and notepads. Indeed, he rather likes the pens in Allen & Overy‘s (A&O) meeting rooms and often takes a couple of them away with him – with permission, of course.

Unfortunately, a Shearman & Sterling partner (who shall remain nameless to save his blushes) also shares the same love for A&O pens. So much so that, on a recent visit, he pocketed at least 20 when his host momentarily left the meeting room.

But A&O will no doubt get the last laugh, because although the pens are fantastic, they have a tendency to explode on aeroplanes. Future thieves – beware.

Incidentally, Tulkinghorn also rates the terribly stylish, silver-plated refillable pencils in Slaughter and May‘s meeting rooms.