Litigation Writs 1/11/99

High Court action has been launched in a bid to wind up the estate of surveyor and valuer Leonard Courtney, who left £400,000 when he died intestate in October 1998. Prior to his death, Courtney had been subject to three professional negligence claims for which he was uninsured. With the exception of payments of £10,000 each to four of the beneficiaries, the estate has been frozen for fear that there could be further claims. The limitation period expires in 2003, but David Newson Ing, who is attorney for the four beneficiaries, is seeking court orders which will enable him to distribute and deal with the rest of the estate.

Claim issued by Downs, Dorking

A Newton Abbot man who was injured in an accident while he was working in 1998 is taking major construction companies Balfour Beatty, Costain, Schmidlin (UK) and Ashtead Plant Hire Company to the High Court. Roy Jackson is suing the companies for damages for injuries he claims he received in an accident while he was working at the Swiss Danish Bank at Bishopsgate, London in January 1998.

Claim issued by Boyce Hatton, Torquay, Devon

Barclays Bank has launched High Court negligence action against estate agents FPD Savills over a valuation of a golf course in Lincolnshire. In a claim issued at the High Court in London, Barclays accuses Savills of breach of contract and giving a negligent valuation of Horncastle Golf and Country Club. The bank claims that as a result of the valuation in 1993 it incurred losses through a loan. The amount of the claim is in excess of £50,000.

Claim issued by Salans Hertzfeld & Heilbronn, London EC

FHP Consulting Engineers and 12 of the company's partners are taking former partner Michael Turton to the High Court. They are seeking a declaration that the FHP Partnership was dissolved from 31 March 1994. They also seek an order for the affairs to be wound up. Alternatively they are suing Turton for payment of £890,368 he is said to owe for sums due on overdrawn capital accounts in the FHP Partnership.

Claim issued by Finers, London W

Four members of a Cambridgeshire family are heading for a High Court showdown over sale of land at Ely. William, Angus, Edward and Benjamin Runciman are suing Stephen Wicks of Harefield, Middlesex; Ian Holland of insolvency company Casson Beckman Group, London; the Solicitor for the Affairs of HM Treasury; and DQ Henriques Ltd. The family are suing for declarations that a contract for the sale of land on the west side of St John's Road in Ely, to Wicks and Ashton Homes Properties has been discharged because of a failure to perform their obligations in respect of the sale. The claim also seeks an order vacating the registrations of eight land charges and a caution effected by the purchasers in March and August 1989.

Claim issued by Withers, London EC