It's been a good week for…

Dental hygiene. Lawyers have relentlessly pursued tobacco manufacturers for causing lung cancer to smokers, with little success. Now a new action is being launched along the same lines – by toothache sufferers against sweetie manufacturers. Eileen Catterson – a former Miss Scotland and girlfriend of former Wet Wet Wet singer Marti Pellow (above) – is suing Scotland's pride and joy, Irn Bru, alleging she required specialist work on her teeth after eating three Irn Bru orange bars. Catterson claims she suffered gum ache and discoloured teeth. Irn Bru says it has made the bars for eight years without a single complaint of this type, and has counter-claimed, alleging Catterson's dental records show concerns over "excessive brushing".

Best friends. Lord Irvine is proposing that the laws be changed so that people can appoint best friends and relatives to take life or death decisions on their behalf, such as whether or not to switch off the life support machine. Currently nobody can make that decision, not even a court , for an incapacitated adult. However, the plans have sparked accusations that this is too close to euthanasia for comfort. One critic, former UN medical director Michael Irwin, is even standing for the late Alan Clark MP's Kensington and Chelsea seat as a "Living Wills legislation" candidate in protest.

Leading silk, Sir Sydney Kentridge QC, who has been instructed by Lord Irvine to fight his appeal over the appointment of his friend Garry Hart as his special adviser. Solicitors Jane Coker and Martha Osamor took Lord Irvine to an employment tribunal which ruled in their favour in May, arguing he had discriminated against them, denying them the chance to apply by not advertising the £73,000 post.