Queue and cry

When it comes to queue culture, nothing annoys Brits more than someone who doesn’t observe the correct etiquette. We all know how it works: when masses of people all want to access the same thing, we form an orderly queue and wait patiently until our turn comes. Unless, of course, you’re a Clifford Chance partner.

At The Lawyer’s Hot 100 party, held at the Royal Exchange at the end of January, the great and the good of the legal profession were queuing in their droves to reach the cloakroom counter, accepting their lot in true British fashion, when none other than a senior figure from Clifford Chance thought “stuff this” and marched straight to the front of the line.

Rather than showing said Clifford Chance partner the error of his ways, of course, the queuers again displayed their Britishness by doing absolutely nothing.

But upon being told which firm the offender worked at, a knowing eyebrow was raised: “Aaah, that figures.”