The weight of expectation

As we enter the second week of February, many among us will be feeling a little guilty, with all those grand plans and resolutions made at the start of the year having already gone out the window.
But not so our smug senior clerk Ian Moyler down at Brick Court Chambers. Moyler has been on a diet – the Weight Watchers 38-point diet, in fact – and very successful he's been too, having lost more than one and a half stone. So successful in fact, that he's been forced to have all his suits taken in.
Fellow senior clerk Julian Hawes has also embarked on a new dietary regime, but readily admits that his willpower has not reached that of Moyler's. Tulkinghorn is somewhat confused, however, at how anyone can fail with Moyler's chosen diet. After all, if you can go out and enjoy a very rich three-course meal, several glasses of wine and a Calvados of a lunchtime, why isn't everyone following his lead?
Since many clerks run other businesses as a sideline, from property development to wine distribution, perhaps Moyler should start his own little sideline and share his secrets with the rest of the profession. If you do, Ian, Tulkinghorn would like to present you with your first customer – himself, who (at Mrs Tulkinghorn's insistence) is ready and willing to sign on the dotted line.