Lovells saves the sarnie

In front of millions of viewers of BBC 2's Trouble at the Top, it was revealed that Lovells is propping up the sandwich industry, spending £150,000 per year on two bits of bread with a fancy filling.
In the programme, Lovells managing partner Lesley MacDonagh oversaw the sampling of the sandwiches on offer from John Montague, the eleventh Earl of Sandwich, and his son Orlando's corporate sandwich delivery company. However, The Lawyer can exclusively reveal that MacDonagh did not actually taste the sandwiches, as she had already enjoyed an extensive client lunch. “Just how interesting can a sandwich be?” enqui-red MacDonagh, who received 19 calls from other potential suppliers the day after the show was aired.
Marks & Spencer is Lovells preferred sandwich supplier. Responsibility for sandwiches has now passed back to director of office services, the lucky Fay Gillott.