Hiring the big hitters

The Lawyer does not tend to cover lateral movement of associate solicitors, but Tulkinghorn must accept that for once his colleagues on the newsdesk have really missed a trick.
Almost two weeks ago, a press release arrived at The Lawyer detailing the recruitment of two relatively junior lawyers to Freethcartwright's Leicester office. Not surprisingly, the release fell by the wayside and it wasn't until last week, when Tulkinghorn was trawling through the bins, that he came across these very significant strategic lateral hires. Rita Patel is the first name on the list, clearly a foil for the far more significant (no disrespect to Ms Patel intended) arrival in Leicester of Ruth Jones. Jones actually moved to the Leicester office in September last year, having been a trainee in the firm's Nottingham office. But don't stop reading, Ms Jones is a real find. Despite her deceptively petite frame, Ms Jones is not only the academic secretary for the Nottingham Law Students' Society, she was also captain of the Ladies World Championship conker team in both 1997 and 2000. Conker law, as all enlightened readers should be aware, is a growing area of practice, and such a thoroughbred of the sport is indeed a find. Jones's arrival has instilled a tougher competitive spirit to the office, although reports that the senior partner has been dipping his balls in vinegar remain unconfirmed at this time.