Real estate, zoning and environment, and public procurement

MOLITOR provides legal assistance to real-estate investors, construction companies, developers and operators of commercial property with respect to construction law regulations and administrative procedures, real-estate projects and related contracts, lease, franchise and facility management agreements, sales and leaseback, as well as tax optimisation issues.

It handles complex domestic construction and engineering projects, international acquisitions, common ownership rights, constructor and developer’s liability, transfer of property rights, securities over real estate, and related litigation.

MOLITOR has assisted numerous clients in the financing of their real-estate acquisition (including office space and buildings, hotels, shopping malls, commercial space and residential facilities). We support the firm’s banking clients in their negotiations with developers, draft financing agreements and security documents and issue legal opinions on Luxembourg law issues.

MOLITOR has advised clients on major PPP infrastructure projects in Luxembourg. The law firm provided legal assistance to a European construction group with respect to the legal framework of a public tender for the construction of a school campus. We have also advised a European energy supplier with respect to a public procurement tender and related procedures.

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