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Finding your perfect partner
Adam Smith Esq. (www. bmacewen.com/blog) had a nice piece this week on using the GE & Harvard method for picking your next managing partner: “We know from life in general that people excel differently depending on the circumstances. Some are natural schmoozers, some highly analytic, some of us lone wolves and some of us can’t work without a crowd. Does the ghastly cliche ‘finders, minders, and grinders’ come to mind?”Here’s your next challenge: put this truism about human nature to selection of your next managing partner. “Can’t be done, you expostulate?! It’s all politics, all the time; or it’s seniority, or it’s those intangible factors that can’t be adequately summarized in generalizations? Then consider this: GE, in combination with Harvard Business School (neither organization intellectually challenged when it comes to organizational dynamics) studied the résumés of GE managers to categorize them into the following categories: cost-cutters; growers, or; cycle managers.”

Smith then went on to list a few examples before concluding: “Why not pick your next managing partner based on what your firm needs based on where it is in its growth trajectory and among its competitive set? Who among your senior leadership – and don’t tell me there’s one and only one obvious choice (unless you’ve already gone through the above exercise) – has the skills best matched to your firm’s needs for the next five to 10 years?”

Blog clog
Nominations for the 2006 Weblog Awards were announced at 2006.weblogawards. org. They include an award for the Best Law Blog. The nominees are: How Appealing (howappealing.law.com), Becker-Posner (www.becker-posner-blog.com), Blawg IT (blog. bretttrout.com), Balkinization (balkin.blogspot.com), Concurring Opinions (www.concurringopinions.com), Consumer Law & Policy Blog (pubcit.type pad.com/clpblog), The Grotian Moment: Saddam Hussein Trial Blog (www.law.case.edu/sad damtrial), The Volokh Conspiracy (volokh.com) and JURIST – Paper Chase (jurist.law.pitt.edu/ paperchase) and just when it seemed that the blawgosphere was completely dominated by Americans, up popped Freeth Cartwright with IMPACT (impact.freethcartwright.com).

Web Week is in no way banging the patriotic drum when it says: “Vote for Freeth!”After all, on 6 December it told us: “Gowers Review of IP published.” Beat that, Saddam Hussein Trial Blog.

Stars in their eyes
Freeth does have some competition from Balkinization (balkin.blogspot.com), which posted this jewel last week: “If Supreme Court Justices Were Rock Stars (What, you mean they aren’t?)
– Sandra Day O’Connor – Britney Spears. (The early Britney, pre-K-Fed, not the later, trashy Britney.) Artistically incoherent but enormously successful attempts to appeal to the exact centre of popular taste.

– William Rehnquist – David Byrne of Talking Heads, Blondie, Devo. Unsentimental, terse, and cleverly ironic 80s New Wave post-punk. (Psycho-Killer could easily be a Rehnquist opinion except, of course, for the use of French. No foreign sources in our Constitution, thank you.).

– Anthony Kennedy – Lionel Richie, Barry Manilow. Overly earnest ballads that set your teeth on edge.

– Clarence Thomas – Prince, Lou Reed. Key aesthetic ideal: I don’t give a **** what *you* think. The Justice Formerly Known as Clarence.

– Ruth Bader Ginsberg – Alanis Morissette. A Jagged Little Constitution.

– Antonin Scalia – Meat Loaf. Histrionic Opera Rock.

– David Souter – Paul Simon. Bookish, a little too insular and self-contained. Still crazy after all these years.

– John Paul Stevens – Willie Nelson. Crusty, independent, been around forever. (But what about his vote in the marijuana case?)#Stephen Breyer – Nobody. Stephen Breyer doesn’t rock and roll.

“We didn’t know enough about Sam Alito and John Roberts to match them to anyone yet. But in the fullness of time we will know if they are the Clash or just Richard Marx.”1.CC converts to LLP but omits 23 offices2. DLA, Freshfields go head-to-head on Liverpool FC bid3.O2 bubbles dispute goes to the ECJ4.Law Society slashes 38 in second redundancy round5.White & Case makes second Dewey raid in a week6. A&O lures back Dewey CEE partner ahead of merger7.Dentons boosts Middle East with dual raid8.Ashurst confirms Stockholm merger9.Ashurst and Weil bag £1bn Premier deal10. McGrigors creates £1.8m bonus pool as turnover tops £52m