The death of Nicholson Graham & Jones

It took two years, but yesterday confirmation came that the last remnants of the once proud name Nicholson Graham & Jones is to disappear.

Come January, any trace of the firm will have gone, swallowed up into the all-consuming giant that is Kirkpatrick & Lockhart. Or K&L Gates, as it will become.

It’s not the first time a deal has been dressed up as a ‘US-UK merger’, only for the UK portion to vanish soon after the dust has settled. Anyone remember Gouldens?

Apparently the London partners voted unanimously for the name change, although one partner made the telling comment that they “chose from the names available to us”.

Well, we suppose it’s hard to argue that the name Gates, as in Bill’s dad, is a pretty iconic one in the 21st century.

But still, it’s a bit sad to see another small fish gone in the name of globalisation. What price ‘Richards Butler’ still existing in a couple of years?