Tall orders

Law firms, reasonably enough, will strive for any competitive advantage they can get. Paul Hastings, being absolutely no different from any of the rest, appears to have taken the strategic decision to intimidate rivals by hiring a swathe of towering giants.

Several of the lawyers at the firm, including Brett King, Joe Sevack and Drew Hutton, all tower at 6’5” or above. Apparently the firm’s management is rapidly trying to organise a law firm basketball tournament. One wonders, though, why the firm then chose to have its recent Christmas drinks for clients (and a few lucky scribes from The Lawyer) on the mezzanine level of Albannach, Trafalgar Square’s Scottish bar, which is distinguished by its low, low roof.

Never mind. The malt whisky theme went down well with the guests, although as one rascal said: “They’re not using the Janofsky & Walker part of the name anymore, as it sounds like a cheap brand.”