Neuberger LJ in fast-track promotion to the Lords

After just two years at the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Neuberger is to become the country’s youngest Law Lord at the age of 58.

Neuberger LJ’s appointment comes as Lord Nicholls is set to retire on 10 January 2007.

Prior to Neuberger LJ’s promotion the youngest Law Lord was 61-year-old Lady Hale.

Before today’s appointment, Lord Mance, 63, was the most recent person to join the ranks of Law Lords, in October 2005.

Neuberger LJ, who was called to the bar in 1974, took silk in 1987 and was appointed a High Court judge in 1996. He was promoted to the Court of Appeal in 2004.

It is thought that Neuberger’s rise is one of the quickest in the judiciary. Hoffmann LJ and Saville LJ spent two and a half and three years respectively at the Court of Appeal before their elevation to the Lords.