Google: world domination is hard work

As Google’s push to take over the world gathers pace, the company has moved to split its top legal management in the US, at about the same time it has near a dozen vacancies in its UK legal team.

It seems that the company’s general counsel David Drummond has been a bit overworked. So, with the snazzy new title of chief legal officer (as well as senior vice-president of corporate development), Drummond has dumped the day-to-day management to his deputy to concentrate on bigger, more exciting strategic issues.

The company raided tech rival eBay for deputy general counsel Kent Walker, who takes over the general counsel role at Google. Walker inherits the task of managing the day-to-day operations of a global legal team that is expanding by the day.

That team includes UK director of legal Nigel Jones, who’s been rather busy lately interviewing a number of keen candidates. With Google’s recent acquisition of YouTube, lawsuits from Belgian newspapers to defend and potential antitrust litigation waiting in the wings, it’s going to be a busy time for whoever gets the jobs.Get the latest news and an irreverent commentary delivered to your desktop every Wednesday by subscribing to Lawyer News Weekly.