Ntl/Travers Smith Braithwaite

NTL has a large in-house team, both in the UK and internationally, and the majority of work is done internally, especially day-to-day needs. This is another reason why it does not need to have a vast external panel or a firm that is much larger than Travers Smith Braithwaite as its main corporate adviser.

Despite the strong relationship with Travers Smith, the company still carries out yearly reviews. During these, a range of issues will be discussed, including costs and billing. UK general director Robert Mackenzie refuses to be drawn on what would happen if client partner Spencer Summerfield left the firm.

General counsel: Rich Lubasch, based in New York

General managing director, legal affairs: Robert Mackenzie, based in the UK

Assistant general counsel: Jeff Wyman, a US lawyer based in the UK overseeing European M&A

The UK team is divided into five groups: media & cable (residential business); global telecoms; broadcast systems; property and infrastructure; and emerging technologies (including intellectual property).

The 30 in-house lawyers in the UK and Ireland are split almost equally between these groups.